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It’s All About The Mind

Good Morning. This is BIP. It’s 5 am in the morning and i have just completed my morning devotional. I was about to start listening to my motivational video when i had to stop and just smile the biggest smile into the darkness of my room. The devotional told a story about the stark truth of an SAS soldier who despite all the obstacles and pain he faced managed to do amazing things in amazing ways in amazing places. His […]

BIP's Vision Board

My Dreams

Hey all I have done it . I finished the first version of my dream board. The process was very helpful in bringing into focus things I really want to achieve. It also helped me look at my aspirations in a more holistic way. At the center lies my faith, around which I have many life aspirations, not reduced in any way. As I look at this mash-up of different dreams I am inclined to start figuring out which ones […]

Morning motivation for your success.

How To Prepare Your Mind To Succeed

If you followed my last post , I mentioned I had put myself in training and that one of the trainings i was doing was the “Quick Start Challenge”. In the first week of that training Dean mentioned  that success starts within. If you believe you can you can, if you don’t you wont. I stumbled upon a morning motivation that i really like and it helps me to tap into patterns that will keep me moving in the right […]

Suffragette Inspiration

Suffragette Inspiration

In the last elections in Nigerian in 2015, it seemed as if fewer women stood as candidates at General, State and  House of Assembly elections. The analysis Women Participation in the 2015 General Elections seems to support this view. For a country like Nigeria with approximately 180 million people, one might expect more women to participate. If however, it is true that fewer women are getting involved then this speaks volumes. If you add to this the fact that  Nigeria’s first woman […]