Bend In The Road To Success

The Bend In The Road To Success

Hi Today I woke up in a beautiful manner and went through my usual morning routine. You should get a morning positive routine, if you don’t have one already, it really sets you up well for the day. Anyway, I had some decisions playing on my mind in relation to which opportunities I should take to keep me going. Early yesterday I had no work opportunities and was focused on doing all the actions steps to actualizing my dreams. It […]

BIP's Vision Board

My Dreams

Hey all I have done it . I finished the first version of my dream board. The process was very helpful in bringing into focus things I really want to achieve. It also helped me look at my aspirations in a more holistic way. At the center lies my faith, around which I have many life aspirations, not reduced in any way. As I look at this mash-up of different dreams I am inclined to start figuring out which ones […]

Picture on Caring for others is the basis of worldly success

Millionaire Work Ethic

Now I was really striving this evening towards a millionaire work ethic and every time I set to work, someone would call to get an update on a family issue. Trying to have a millionaire work ethic is not easy at all, in between looking after aging parents, giving updates to family members and trying to get things done, I had missed a whole day of doing tasks because I had to attend to critical family issues. Hmmm, I still […]