It’s Time To Change The Record

Indeed it’s most definitely time to change the record. The 2016 vinyl of songs has reached the “Auld Lands Syne”, end of year track. Its time to look back, learn from the ups and downs, to and fro of last year,  gain wisdom and insight into how to layout new tracks for the new record to be played in 2017. Wow! What a year. I must admit by the time i reached December 22nd i was extremely exhausted and looking […]


Today the Light House Hub had it’s first event. The turn out to say the least was a tad disappointing. i felt deflated by the end. During the session which was run on the theme “Awaken The Lion Within”, one of the things we discussed was the word impossible. I had drawn the attention of  those present to the fact that what they should in fact see is the i’m possible.   Anything and everything is possible if you put […]

I Will Succeed Cos I’m…

I Will Succeed Cos I’m Crazy Enough to believe I can this is a revelation I had this morning . I was half in sleep and half listening to a T D Jakes sermon when I was reminded about “Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?” and also “faith without works is dead also.” Now I have read these verses many times. In my arrogance I thought I had been backing up […]