Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Quick Start Challenge would officially have been over on Wednesday but we are getting a bonus week with a challenge that involves us stepping out of our comfort zone. The  prize of this particular challenge is pretty cool and oh so tempting. The challenge however, to someone like me, is going to mean stepping away from the sidelines and stepping right into the “light”. However, please dont assume i live under a rock or I am a vampire. None […]

Lesson 1. Start on time

Fail to Succeed

Hi I zonked out yesterday after having a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister in law and their two beautiful kids. I had spend all day working at their house. The kids came in and we had dinner. My sister in law must have seen I was tired so suggested I stay the night. I briefly resisted but soon realized I was totally exhausted. My head hit the pillow and the rest is history. You might be wondering what […]

It’s All About Building Lists

Today we got to the key factor in the matter. The QSC week 3 ended about 45 minutes or so ago. The key issue we dealt with today was the engine to build the lists. Very important! Without a list, you have no audience, no potential clients, no sales, no income. Building a list has two ways and old and  a QSC  3 tiered list method. Starting today, I am going to build what I have just learnt. Wish me luck. […]

BIP's Vision Board

My Dreams

Hey all I have done it . I finished the first version of my dream board. The process was very helpful in bringing into focus things I really want to achieve. It also helped me look at my aspirations in a more holistic way. At the center lies my faith, around which I have many life aspirations, not reduced in any way. As I look at this mash-up of different dreams I am inclined to start figuring out which ones […]