BIP is on The Quick Start Challenge

Hi all. Welcome to Bip. You guys havent heard from me in a while. Not since February, when i told you about the fact that well, everything seemed to have gone pear shaped and the only place for me to go from there is up so i was pullinng out all the stops and i was starting with my team. Well we have finally gone through that transition. It was very hard but we are now through and things are […]

Which Way is the Right Way?

Have you ever sat down and planned out what you wanted to do. You see it so clearly and the plan appeared to be good. You start on the journey and you give it your all. You slog day and night driving towards the vision, trying to work according to the plan. Its hard work, long hours, slow progress and very little reward. You keep at it because you believe in what you are doing and where your vision will […]

Women Entrepreneurs You are pushing ahead…Keep going

Hello everyone. It’s friday and i am on top of the world. Has it been an easy week? Not at all. Has the money all flowed in? Not yet, but i am sure it is going to come. So why am i so happy? Simple. I like what i do and relish each challenge. I see my vision forming and i see people beginning to tap into it. That’s not to say i dont see those who give me a […]