Quick Start Challenge

Taking a Challenge to Grow

Yesterday was a good day I did quite a bit and I got my first affiliate marketing product approved. Small steps. I was really thrilled, like I had been given a gold nugget. I had not completed the list builder but this was an important step in actualizing it’s completion. Now that I actually have an affiliate product to market I can go back to my bridge page, which Dean and Craig Of Quick Start Challenge have been showing us […]

It’s All About Building Lists

Today we got to the key factor in the matter. The QSC week 3 ended about 45 minutes or so ago. The key issue we dealt with today was the engine to build the lists. Very important! Without a list, you have no audience, no potential clients, no sales, no income. Building a list has two ways and old and  a QSC  3 tiered list method. Starting today, I am going to build what I have just learnt. Wish me luck. […]