Be the Change I Desire

Change and Change Till You Get It Right

Good MORNING!!! Yes indeed that was a shouting good morning. I, BIP, am psyching myself to enjoy the day and motivate myself to make some changes and get the best out of today. You may have noticed a slight pause in my posts. I finished the Quick Start Challenge feeling great and heading towards my goals and then I briefly, ever so briefly, got distracted again. However this time the gap is not weeks , months or years but only […]

Morning motivation for your success.

How To Prepare Your Mind To Succeed

If you followed my last post , I mentioned I had put myself in training and that one of the trainings i was doing was the “Quick Start Challenge”. In the first week of that training Dean mentioned  that success starts within. If you believe you can you can, if you don’t you wont. I stumbled upon a morning motivation that i really like and it helps me to tap into patterns that will keep me moving in the right […]

Morning Thoughts by Bip

A tether to a sinking ship? Morning Thoughts in 2017

Tether I awoke to the sound of a ringing phone. On the end of the phone was a concerned relative, wondering whether I was wasting my life away. Indeed things seem to be getting worse before they are getting better. I jumped into a business opportunity to build a dream I have. Its taken all my time, all my finances, all my energy and is at times draining. If you are looking from the outside in or even if you […]

It’s Time To Change The Record

Indeed it’s most definitely time to change the record. The 2016 vinyl of songs has reached the “Auld Lands Syne”, end of year track. Its time to look back, learn from the ups and downs, to and fro of last year,  gain wisdom and insight into how to layout new tracks for the new record to be played in 2017. Wow! What a year. I must admit by the time i reached December 22nd i was extremely exhausted and looking […]