Quick Start Challenge Testimonial

The Quick Start Challenge Testimonial

Hi All I have done my Quick Start Challenge final submission. I am feeling pretty good. I outline in this video what i feel  about the Quick Start Challenge. If want to find out what I said then  click below and have a listen. Enjoy! p.s. I only just managed to write these few coherent sentences. My  brain is really tired. If there are spelling or errors please put it down to my sleepy state of mind. Good night for […]


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Quick Start Challenge would officially have been over on Wednesday but we are getting a bonus week with a challenge that involves us stepping out of our comfort zone. The  prize of this particular challenge is pretty cool and oh so tempting. The challenge however, to someone like me, is going to mean stepping away from the sidelines and stepping right into the “light”. However, please dont assume i live under a rock or I am a vampire. None […]

thirteen exercises by James Arthur Ray

Become Comfortable With Discomfort

This week I am going to be learning from others and sharing some of the inspiration I gain with you. I was honored that I was followed on Twitter by James Arthur Ray. After checking out his profile, I realized I could learn a lot from following him. I recently read his article called “Leaders Battle Comfort“. It outlines the fact that though you may get ahead or be the first, you should never get complacent and think you have […]