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Hi all. Welcome to Bip.

You guys havent heard from me in a while. Not since February, when i told you about the fact that well, everything seemed to have gone pear shaped and the only place for me to go from there is up so i was pullinng out all the stops and i was starting with my team. Well we have finally gone through that transition. It was very hard but we are now through and things are now downsized and we are reshaping and restructuring. The team are in place and still with me and still following through on the vision. So what i want to do this year is to really pull out all the stops and go for gold. BIP stands for billionaire in progress and this year man i am gonna hit the jackpot. So i would really love you to continue following because what i am doing right now is training myself in as many aspects as i can, getting my self training, mentorship, building my skills up, building my business up. And one of the things i have started to do is the Quick Start Challenge, which is something that i have been wanting to do for while but never actually got my act together to do. This year however with my new frame of mind, the fact that i believe that everything is possible and that i will achieve all my goals. I am heading up or i am starting or i have started, more to the point last week the first week of the Quick Start Challenge. If you wanna find out more keep following me, keep learning as i am learning. I mean it is at a good price and more than that they have a passion which i really can tap into and i identify with where they have been and where i have been. Where they have gone and where I am going and what i want to achieve this year. So please join me on this journey. We have started with week 1 and as i learn i will post on my blog as i go , what i am doing.

Thank you for listening and keep coming back for more.

Signing out for now.




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