Thank you ladies

A Salute To The Many Women Who Just Get On With It Unseen

This morning it was hell getting out of bed. To add to that I had a whacking headache. I did eventually get out and get here. I am back to my ever inspiring self and realizing that many women go through a strenuous routine every day, season in, season out and they get very little acknowledgement or thanks. Well today I just wanted to say Well Done Ladies! I salute you all. From my mother, sisters, daughters, friends, aunties, nieces, […]

Lesson 1. Start on time

Fail to Succeed

Hi I zonked out yesterday after having a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister in law and their two beautiful kids. I had spend all day working at their house. The kids came in and we had dinner. My sister in law must have seen I was tired so suggested I stay the night. I briefly resisted but soon realized I was totally exhausted. My head hit the pillow and the rest is history. You might be wondering what […]

This is thesign you'be been looking for

It’s All About The Mind

Good Morning. This is BIP. It’s 5 am in the morning and i have just completed my morning devotional. I was about to start listening to my motivational video when i had to stop and just smile the biggest smile into the darkness of my room. The devotional told a story about the stark truth of an SAS soldier who despite all the obstacles and pain he faced managed to do amazing things in amazing ways in amazing places. His […]

Inspiration Week

A Week Of Inspiration

Business can have a lot of ups and downs. Times when you think everything is going great and you might actually make it. Other times when you are down in the dumps, things are just not working and you are on your last naira, pound or dollar. At that point, you believe that you are not cut out to achieve your dream, your goal or get your business to where you want it to be. I have been there. Boy, […]