It’s a fight to the finish

This is the morning after the night before. The night before was supposed to have been the worst day of my business career. I have however decided to do what tough people do when the going gets tough. It is  time for me to get going and do something great. I have nothing to loose except everything so let’s pull out all the stops. Here goes. I am starting with rallying my team. I am not into  walking alone, so […]

Dont be held to Ransom by staff?

On the whole I find have good staff who understand me in part and work towards helping me realise my vision. However these same people, as is human, are prone to off days just as I am. The magnitude, in a negative way to some people’s off days can be greater than others. Therefore my policy is if you are not well go home or in the first instance stay at home. Come to work well. I do this because […]