thirteen exercises by James Arthur Ray

Become Comfortable With Discomfort

This week I am going to be learning from others and sharing some of the inspiration I gain with you. I was honored that I was followed on Twitter by James Arthur Ray. After checking out his profile, I realized I could learn a lot from following him. I recently read his article called “Leaders Battle Comfort“. It outlines the fact that though you may get ahead or be the first, you should never get complacent and think you have […]

BIP Billionaire in Progress

Why I Strive To Be A Billionaire

The other day I created a landing page with a statement that started something like “Kick start your billion-dollar business with… etc. etc. Someone was helping me to review my work as it was far from perfect and they made a comment, rightly so, that helped me to sit down and re-examine why I want a billion-dollar business. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It has always been with me. However, the urge to have a billion-dollar business has […]

Morning Thoughts by Bip

A tether to a sinking ship? Morning Thoughts in 2017

Tether I awoke to the sound of a ringing phone. On the end of the phone was a concerned relative, wondering whether I was wasting my life away. Indeed things seem to be getting worse before they are getting better. I jumped into a business opportunity to build a dream I have. Its taken all my time, all my finances, all my energy and is at times draining. If you are looking from the outside in or even if you […]

i just love the picture

I just love the picture!

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