Today the Light House Hub had it’s first event. The turn out to say the least was a tad disappointing. i felt deflated by the end. During the session which was run on the theme “Awaken The Lion Within”, one of the things we discussed was the word impossible. I had drawn the attention of  those present to the fact that what they should in fact see is the i’m possible.   Anything and everything is possible if you put […]

I can see it, I will achieve it

Today I began that project I mentioned to you last week. I had kind of stalled when the funds did not appear. Still no funds people but I have decided to push on anyway. I was inspired today and I am sure my staff thought I was going gagaaa. Do you know that feeling when you see your vision so clearly you could almost touch it. That’s how I felt today. Money or not I am going to take a […]

Dont be held to Ransom by staff?

On the whole I find have good staff who understand me in part and work towards helping me realise my vision. However these same people, as is human, are prone to off days just as I am. The magnitude, in a negative way to some people’s off days can be greater than others. Therefore my policy is if you are not well go home or in the first instance stay at home. Come to work well. I do this because […]