Harness Your Passion Like A Hot Air Ballon

In this life it is good to be grateful and not get bogged down by the negatives, which only take you back, slow you down and distract you from your progress. That was just a thought that passed through my head as I began this post this morning. Today is a most beautiful day. I did it! I got my challenge done and I feel good. To add to my buzz, I got some good feedback from some other members […]


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Quick Start Challenge would officially have been over on Wednesday but we are getting a bonus week with a challenge that involves us stepping out of our comfort zone. The  prize of this particular challenge is pretty cool and oh so tempting. The challenge however, to someone like me, is going to mean stepping away from the sidelines and stepping right into the “light”. However, please dont assume i live under a rock or I am a vampire. None […]