Smiling When I Should be Crying!

This should officially be the worst day of my days in business. Not only am I in extreme pain in the leg area due to what appears to be a trapped nerve., but I have received the dreaded call that most of us never want to receive from my key investor. He has been the most supportive but due to the lack of return on his investment, he is wisely questioning why he is an investor and whether he should continue. Some […]

Image of BIP loving Prada

BIP Loves Prada (BLP)

Hi I don’t know if I have ever mentioned to you, that I am a real bonafide tech geek. I am also as you know an aspiring billionaire entrepreneur. The way I present myself on a daily basis is important. It says a lot about me and my business to my clients, investors, and team. The natural geeky me would like nothing better than to lounge in a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. However, my business self-knows that won’t do. I know that […]

Picture on Caring for others is the basis of worldly success

Millionaire Work Ethic

Now I was really striving this evening towards a millionaire work ethic and every time I set to work, someone would call to get an update on a family issue. Trying to have a millionaire work ethic is not easy at all, in between looking after aging parents, giving updates to family members and trying to get things done, I had missed a whole day of doing tasks because I had to attend to critical family issues. Hmmm, I still […]