If You Want To Kill A Big Dream Tell It To A Small Minded Person

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If You Want To Kill A Big Dream Tell It To A Small Minded Person

Hi All

Following on from yesterday, when i talked about “Be You and The Rest Will Follow”. The podcast was about how your unique characteristics are mostly likely perfect for what you are destined to do , or for whatever vision or dream has been put on your mind. If you haven’t listened to that podcast you might want to check it out here.

Well recently someone sent me a video called Motivated by Steve Harvey. In it Steve Harvey was imparting some words of wisdom that really inspired me and gave me some really important insight to maintaining, pursuing and achieving a dream.

Wow! They really got me thinking. They really re-energised me to keep going on the road towards my dream. They really made me wonder and look at who I surround myself with and who i share my dream with. They made me nod in acknowledgement that most of what he was saying was actually true and on point. The strangest thing is that, hearing it from him, in this format, just made it hit home more resoundingly.

So they always say it is good to share. Well, I decided this was a good link to share with you all. So please take some time out of your busy schedule to listen.


I hope you get the gems that I got from it. I hope it inspires you to peruse your dream and not let the dream killers kill your dream.

Happy listening.

Let me know what it does for you.

Bye for now!

BIP xoxo



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