Stop! No more Rich Quick Syndrome

No more get rich quick syndrome

Hi! Good morning everybody this is BIP, B. I. P! It has been a long time and I have been up and down, in and out. Only to come back to the point, to today’s topic, it has brought me to today’s topic where I am actually talking about, there is really no quick rich formula.

I am sorry everybody, but I am at the point where I believe there is no rich quick formula. It’s hard work, it’s long work, it’s consistency, it’s doing it again and again, it’s never giving up when you fall down, it’s seeing past everybody’s dissention or nay Sayers or people who look at you as if you are crazy. You see past them to the vision that you have, and you keep going.

So today is all about the fact that I don’t really think there is any quick rich formula. All the people who have gotten rich, apart from those who have won the lottery, or those who have suddenly fallen upon wealth or inherited it, they have all been persistent.

They have all been hard working. They have all been focused. They have been tireless. They have been positive when everyone is negative. They have had to lift themselves up when they have fallen down. They have had to have the mindset that nothing is impossible. The had to have this incredible self-belief, and revive it in themselves time and time again, so every time that belief drops by any percentage, they have to find a way to bring it back up. To believe in the dream, to believe in the vision, to pursue it relentlessly. I have come to the conclusion that that is the way rich people become rich, billionaires are made, millionaires are evolved, and the future is made.

No more get rich quick
Get Rich takes alot of self belief

So, it is not that it can’t happen, don’t get me wrong. I am not giving up nor would I advise you to. It’s nothing like that. What I am simply saying is, the road to wealth takes perseverance, takes tenacity, takes courage. Lots of courage, because you are going to need that courage time and time again. It takes passion.

If you are not in any way passionate about whatever you have chosen, but you think it is going to make your day, make you rich. Then I think that is going to test you time and time again. And then what I have read often over the last six months or so is that the focus should not be on the getting rich, it should be on providing a solution that people want. Providing something that people want. It’s not only about providing what people want, it’s also about being passionate about that solution, being passionate about producing it, being passionate about doing whatever it is that is going to make you that multi–millionaire billionaire in the future. So, don’t focus on the money. Focus on doing what you do and do it extraordinarily well. Do it on time. Do it again and again. Do it so that it can be built out to a system.

Getting rich takes passion
Getting rich takes passion

Now I have had the opportunity to work in so many different environments over the last six months to a year or so, and the one thing that I have consistently seen about companies that are moving upwards and people that are doing things is that they developed a process. They have taken something, and they have broken it down into smaller parts that flow, and they have created a system.

So, what do I mean by that? It’s a bit like how do you make peanut and jelly sandwich. If you look at the process as a whole, it seems like a continuous put the bread together, put the jam, put the butter and it’s made.
But what a successful business does, it that it takes the that overall process and it breaks it down. Buy brown or white bread. Take two slices. Place them on a plate with one surface facing up. Take one slice of the bread. Take a knife dip it in some butter. Take the knife with the butter spread it all the way down, evenly across one surface of one slice of bread. Place that slice of bread down back on the plate, with the butter facing upward and so on and so on. They have broken it down.

At each part of the system, the people who work there know that part extremely well. Very rarely does a person placing the bread, do the buttering. And so, all the different parts of the flow are separated. Whatever you do, make it into a process, because that is what allows you to grow bigger.

So, this is just some insight. Quick rich, hmmmmmm! I think it is time to just focus down, knuckle down, get down, create a consistent daily plan, work hard, keep focused, be determined and you will get there. You will get there don’t doubt that. This is BIP.

Thank you.

BIP xoxo



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