Fearless Day


As you can guess I am feeling really great. Today is my fearless day, a day when I do all the things that normally make me procrastinate because, essentially, I am afraid of something. Today, even if i feel the fear, i will use that feeling to galvanise me to do the thing or things i needed to do, despite it. I had some information i was holding, pondering on whether it was good to send or not. Eventually i told  myself send it and leave the rest to God. That i did. I feel good.

It feels really envigorating and freeing.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this is only the beginning of the year, give me a couple of months and things will be different and my energy would have waned.

Nope! Not this year. This year i will try till i get it done. If i fail, at least i will fail trying, than fail because i did not try. If i fail, i intend to dust myself off, take a look at my failure and try to figure out where i got it wrong and where i might have gotten it right. I wont ponder too long. I will dust off and then try again applying some of the things i have learnt.

I will set my mind to take every negative thought and turn it around. I will say the new postive atestation over and over again until i am sure i can do it and i believe it. What i have learnt from some great people is that more than skills attitude matters. With the right attitude we can overcome many things.

In addition to attitude, it is important to take action. Don’t just amass knowledge. If you do this then the saying knowledge is power is useless. The moment however you act using your knowlegde, the real power starts to take a hold.

So therefore let me welcome you to the new year and as i continue my adventures and you join me i hope we will grow, learn and excel together. The hiccups will be our points of learning to apply and grow the ext day.

Bye for now.

Bip xoxo



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