Change and Change Till You Get It Right

Be the Change I Desire
Be the change i desire


Yes indeed that was a shouting good morning. I, BIP, am psyching myself to enjoy the day and motivate myself to make some changes and get the best out of today.

You may have noticed a slight pause in my posts. I finished the Quick Start Challenge feeling great and heading towards my goals and then I briefly, ever so briefly, got distracted again. However this time the gap is not weeks , months or years but only a few days. I am happy to see and say that the habits and training I picked up during the Challenge have really taken root .

Change till you get it right
Change till you get it right

So why my brief gap? If you have been following me on this journey of mine , you might remember a previous post where I was trying to decide between which job option to take so as to meet daily needs and obligations, whilst I am progressing towards billionaire status. If you don’t remember or haven’t read it pop back to here (put the name in it) and read it. Now in that post I advised myself that I needed to choose the job that would allow me to still pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Well I did take my own advise but the job I choose is kind of all consuming. I was supposed to be part time but the small company had a key employee who had to leave. I stepped in on a trial few hours and immediately shifted to temporary full time instead of the part time we agreed, as the employer had been left in the lurch. So I just clicked in, knuckled down and got on with it. Next thing I know I am completely immersed. Of course this is good for the employer. However not great for the direction I am suppose to be taking. In fact it has changed everything. I will own up to the fact that I may not have made the best choice here.!Anything I do I like to give it one hundred percent. Where I see problem I want to solve them for the company I work for. This takes time, energy and commitment. It also shifts the same three things away from what I want to achieve personally. So I realised last Friday it’s time to talk to the owner to work with her to allow me to change to part time as initially agreed. We have been having that chat. I am happy to say the change is now working and freeing me up without stopping me from doing well in the job I do and doing well in pursuing my personal ambitions. I am changing back to how it was, learning, growing, enjoying and succeeding. Small steps but steps moving forward.

Never be afraid to change things if they are not working. Change and change again until things work the way you want them to.




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