Harness Your Passion Like A Hot Air Ballon

In this life it is good to be grateful and not get bogged down by the negatives, which only take you back, slow you down and distract you from your progress.

That was just a thought that passed through my head as I began this post this morning. Today is a most beautiful day. I did it! I got my challenge done and I feel good. To add to my buzz, I got some good feedback from some other members in the forum. Yehhhhh!!!

I woke up like this
I woke up like this

Now I know that does not mean I am through the woods or there yet, but I am on the ladder and I am headed in the right direction.

It is good to have people to feedback to you on whether you are going in the right way or wrong way, but what if you don’t? Well in that instance, you my dear man or woman, will have to believe in yourself. Yes O! Believe in yourself. I do. You will have to be your greatest cheerleader, and believe in you, believe in your dreams and get you there until you meet some cheerleaders on your journey, which you are bound too.

I am rambling this morning because I have so much energy ripping through me. It feels almost like I could take on any task and do it. This is where discipline comes in.


Think about it like this, at the moment, if this energy I am feeling is not harnessed and focused it just gets dissipated in all different areas, achieving nothing great. However, if it is reined in, focused and used with intent it can produce something great. Imagine a balloon. Most of us have spent time blowing up those small party balloons for some event or other. The balloon is filled with warm air. Now if you don’t seal the opening tube of the balloon and you let it go, with no way of putting more air in, or controlling the air as it is released, what happens? If your balloons are anything like mine they just zig zag in different directions as the air is rushes out of them.

Now think of a hot air balloon. The air is carefully blow into the air balloon. When it is filled to the right level, using different steering methods, which leverage on adjusting the amount of hot air in the balloon skin, you can be taken to great heights and great places. You can be steered higher up, taken across many lands and eventually returned to land safely.

I am full of energy, a bit like the balloons. However, I don’t want to be like my party balloon and release that energy here, there and everywhere and achieve nothing much. I want to be disciplined. I want to harness, use and steer me, the balloon, with the burning energy within me to greater heights.

So, the first process in this is to continue to follow my normal morning routines. This I am doing. One of those routines, is to update you, this I am now doing. The second will be to set one major task that I want to achieve today. I know what that is.

Today I want to get my new lead magnet up and running. I am trying out Thrive Leads. Thus far hammam is all I am going to say. I spent all night trying to get some things to work and they did not. I submitted my support request, in the hope that they will soon resolve this.  I now know why Dean likes Click Funnels, but I just can’t stretch to their monthly commit, right now, so I am really praying the support at Thrive Leads will help me resolve some of the issues and get me going again so that I can get my most basic funnel started.

From the Quick Start Challenge I have realized one important thing is to keep taking one step towards whatever dream you have in business and in life, every day. This is not easy. It takes discipline, passion, determination and lots of coffee. But it can be done.

So, what’s your day looking like and what one thing would you like to achieve today?

Let’s talk again soon.

Bip xoxo


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