Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


The Quick Start Challenge would officially have been over on Wednesday but we are getting a bonus week with a challenge that involves us stepping out of our comfort zone.

The  prize of this particular challenge is pretty cool and oh so tempting. The challenge however, to someone like me, is going to mean stepping away from the sidelines and stepping right into the “light”. However, please dont assume i live under a rock or I am a vampire. None of the above.  I just like being in the background. What the Quick Start Challenge wants is for us to do a video testimonial about our experience of the Quick Start Challenge.  Whenever I think of me and video, my first feeling is blank.

The challenge however does interest me. Why? Because i think it will stretch me, it will help me face a fear and stare it down.

Now those of you who know me, you might have guessed i am a fan of Wil lSmith. I like the humorous way he delivers information or concepts. Well i recently watched a video of him talking about fear from the perspective of jumping out of a plane. I didn’t stop laughing through the whole video. Check it out below:

But one point that was really clear is face your fear. When you face your fear you grow.

As the week proceeds towards the challenge there is one quote i will keep in mind

that God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror.

So the question i will leave you with is do I want the best things in life?

We shall see…

Bye for now!

Bip xoxo



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