Quick Start Challenge Class Today

Quick Start Challenge Class
Quick Start Challenge Class

Today, I am back in my Wednesday Quick Start Challenge ‘class’ to continue to learn and grow. If you have not followed and want to know more, check out my previous posts on the Quick Start Challenge below.

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The QSC, as it is fondly known, is a series of online live classes that teach me how to build a business online, in 30 days. I, like most of you, have enrolled on many online courses. Most of them tend to be pre-recorded videos that you follow in your own time. Most times I never end up completing them. This one, however, which consists of the whole ‘class’ meeting online to listen in on the lesson with visuals provided as a presentation along with online live demos is proving to be a success. I have found this approach stimulating and enjoyable. If I were to deliver a course or two, online,  in the nearest future, I would probably use this method.

Anyway, today, I am one of those students who tries to sneak into the class and sit at the back, trying to avoid being seen, as I haven’t quite completed the homework. Yep, that’s me. However, I am turning up because I see the value in attending to continue to build my understanding and skills. Pssst, between you and me, I am almost there.

So, today’s lesson revolved around paid and unpaid traffic for your website. Dean described them, and I am still digesting them, though the basic idea is that without traffic your site dies. You need to consider whether you want to pay for the traffic or alternatively,  through content generation like blogging, taking part in forums or putting videos on YouTube, decide to grow the number of people coming to your site without paying (free). I put the free in brackets as I am not convinced it is, free. Think about it, the amount of effort it takes to write a blog, produce a video or respond to forums, is time that translates to money. You use time and effort; therefore, I am skeptical about the free, but I do get what Dean is saying.

We walked through the details of the two and then went into an in-depth demo of a free traffic growing strategy.

Now I would tell you a lot more but at midnight my brain is on auto pilot and I know it took in the information. The information, however, would be processed as I sleep so I should be more coherent in a day or two and may then be able to tell you more. Alternatively, check the Quick Start Challenge website for more information.

The class is still on, so let me focus.

Talk soon.

BIP xoxo




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