Become Comfortable With Discomfort

thirteen exercises by James Arthur Ray
thirteen exercises by James Arthur Ray

This week I am going to be learning from others and sharing some of the inspiration I gain with you.

I was honored that I was followed on Twitter by James Arthur Ray. After checking out his profile, I realized I could learn a lot from following him.

James Arthur Ray
James Arthur Ray

I recently read his article called “Leaders Battle Comfort“.

It outlines the fact that though you may get ahead or be the first, you should never get complacent and think you have arrived. If you think like this, more than likely your company, product or concept will die.

To quote James Arthur Ray when he stated

The job of a true leader is to “become comfortable with discomfort.””

He gives thirteen ways you can ensure you don’t get too comfortable, so you can be a true leader. If you want to find out what they are read his article here.

I have taken the thirteen items and posted them on my computer as my wallpaper.

I am off to do my 13 exercises to continue on my path to being a true leader. What are you doing?

Have a great day.

BIP xoxo



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