Why I Strive To Be A Billionaire

BIP Billionaire in Progress
BIP Billionaire in Progress

The other day I created a landing page with a statement that started something like “Kick start your billion-dollar business with… etc. etc. Someone was helping me to review my work as it was far from perfect and they made a comment, rightly so, that helped me to sit down and re-examine why I want a billion-dollar business.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It has always been with me. However, the urge to have a billion-dollar business has been a motivation for me over the last ten or so years.

I have spent most of that time in Nigeria where every day I woke up a new challenge would be waiting. No two days were the same. I had a pretty good post there, before starting my business, in a company that operated irrespective of the many limitations that operating in the Nigerian environment could present. They insisted on high standards and more often, than not led by example.

I ran a team of five people in the tech department and just like the company, I operated at a high level and demanded a high level of service and product from my staff. Yeah, so I hear most of you say, so what. This demand for high standards and my staff trying consistently day after day trying to deliver is put into clear perspective when you consider, most of them earned less than a hundred dollars a month at that time, in addition, when they woke up they more often than not would wake up in darkness, no electricity running, perhaps they even had to fetch water. No tap running water. They would go get the bus at five for a nine o’clock start. They would turn up smart and clean always and try their best to operate at the international best standard level expected. Most of them would be doing night school or weekend school. On their meager salary they would often be supporting mothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, in addition to spouses and children.

The office I worked for was admirable as they paid salaries on time every time by the end of the month. Many other workers were not as fortunate, and some employers would be 3 – 6 months in arrears of not having paid staff. Yet staff would always turn up. I watched and admired each person  striving to do my tasks, live their life in the right way, live up to the international standards working in our firm demanded, study from evening to early morning, laugh in the face of the constant online abuse of Nigerians and the 10% of Nigerians that do 419 and in effect belittle recognition of their being any other type of Nigerian. Namely those Nigerians who stand up time and time again after being knocked down time and time again and believe that they will get there. Believing that one day they will be a billionaire.

After watching so many anonymous people like this, I was driven to resolve that with all the advantages I am equipped with I must do better. I must achieve a status that will enable me to help as many people who strive so hard and get very little acknowledgement. Sometimes all they need is a $100 dollar helping hand. So, I decided I needed to be a billionaire because Nigeria has a population of approximately 160 million people. Let’s say I only want to give only ten percent of these people a $100 dollar helping hand. That means I need $1,600,000,000 to give them not to mention what I need to have my dream life. So yes, I do indeed dream and strive (it does take action) to be a billionaire. Hence, I am who I am, BIP.

Take care.

BIP xoxo.




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