My Morning Routine Helps Me Move Forward

Socks that make me smile
Socks that make me smile

Good Morning

This morning was one of those days when, I really really did not want to get out of bed. I just wanted to stay under the covers and vegetate. Its on days like this that you realise how important it is to have a daily morning routine.

The first thing I received this morning was notification of being put into overdraft. Two payments due out and one that has yet to arrive. My mind went into an overdrive of irritation and trepidation. Then after about a half hour of mad panic. I thought to myself, what the heck, it will be solved, but let me get my morning routine done. That simple switch in my mindset really made a difference. I just decided to believe the situation would be solved.

So I got out of bed. I looked at it again. I really did not feel like leaving it, but my new mindset reminded me I had dreams I wanted to achieve and sitting in bed all day would not get me there. I began doing what I usually do, which is make my bed. Not just throw the covers over the sheets, but make it perfectly. Everything straight and tucked in perfectly. I am sure you think I have lost my mind. Why would I go to such great lengths to make sure my bed was made perfectly. Well I learnt from the video below, by Jim Kwik called “10 Jump-Start Morning Habits Used By Geniuses”, is that the way you start your day sets the tone for the whole day.

I have been practicing this since I watched the video and it does work. Doing my first task excellently would I hope set the tone for me to do all other things today excellently. I had reset the day by resetting my mind.

I was of course much slower in getting myself together today, as the new mindset was a work in progress. I could not find things where they actually were, I wanted to linger too long on other things,I distracted myself with other things, but once the mindset has been changed there was no going back. I was moving on with my day. I did my devotional, talked with the “man upstairs” about my days plan, listen to my usual daily motivational video ( it’s really good, and it makes me smile and makes me happy. It’s just right. You should try it. The link is below).

I got dressed and was about to wear all black when I decided to modify this slightly. I added a nice gently pink jumper and some socks that I put on because they make me smile. Smiling is a good thing in the morning it keeps you in a positive attitude.

Now the key thing is I decided I would not work at home today. I needed to make myself take action, so the first action to ensure I continued to take action all day, was to get out of the house. I went to a coffee bar and intend to move to the library later. You see by taking one step it’s almost inevitable that another will follow. By doing nothing. Guess what nothing will inevitably follow?

So I am up, out and writing to you, as required this morning, all thanks to a good morning routine.

By the way the problem was solved. Also I am moving along with the QSC nicely.

I hope your day is going well. If not, think of all the dreams you want to achieve and decide you want them and that you can have them, all you need to do is act. That act may be to take the smallest step towards it. It may be as simple as leave the house, pick up the phone or a pencil. The minute you decide and take a step, the rest will follow.

It will be great!


BIP xoxo



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