Taking a Challenge to Grow

Quick Start Challenge
Quick Start Challenge

Yesterday was a good day I did quite a bit and I got my first affiliate marketing product approved. Small steps. I was really thrilled, like I had been given a gold nugget. I had not completed the list builder but this was an important step in actualizing it’s completion.

Encourage yourself
Encourage yourself

Now that I actually have an affiliate product to market I can go back to my bridge page, which Dean and Craig Of Quick Start Challenge have been showing us how to do, and attach it.

Today week 4 of the Quick Start Challenge began. I did not make the deadline for the week 3 challenge, as I mentioned earlier. A bit disappointed but it is better I get it right. Man am I green with envy at the winner, as the prize was really cool and would have brought untold interest to a site. No wahala, I am looking forward to winning the few left.

This week is all about automating emails, which Dean made easy and natural. I really like the easy natural style he showed us last night , for creating the seven emails for the auto-responder series. They didn’t jar. They were most definitely not too pushy. It made me feel that yeah I can do this. This week’s challenge however ties into last weeks challenge. If you want to know more check out my previous post below:

BIP is on the Quick Start Challenge

How to Prepare Your Mind To Succeed


Well, I had better get a move on. I still need to finish week 3’s challenge and add week 4’s and it must all be working together.

Keep going even when it is tough
Keep going even when the going gets tough

I will apply the lessons learnt from the last one. You can get a reminder of the lessons I learnt by checking out my post called “Fail To Succeed“.

Anyway, I am off to get it done. Wish me luck.

Thanks. Bye !

Bip xoxo



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