The Bend In The Road To Success

Bend In The Road To Success
Bend in the road to success


Today I woke up in a beautiful manner and went through my usual morning routine. You should get a morning positive routine, if you don’t have one already, it really sets you up well for the day.

Anyway, I had some decisions playing on my mind in relation to which opportunities I should take to keep me going. Early yesterday I had no work opportunities and was focused on doing all the actions steps to actualizing my dreams. It was, however in the back of my mind, the need to have some income coming in to service daily needs, outstanding debts and family commitment. My mindset was positive, though, and I was sure something would turn.

Turn up it did. By the close of yesterday I had one definite offer for full time work and two other potentials. So what’s the problem, i hear you say.

Well the problem or problems relate to me pursuing what I dream of doing, creating a successful online tech business. I had to think about which of these three possibilities would allow me to still have enough time each day, to continue to consistently take action and to take the steps to pursuing my dreams. I don’t have a safety net or state benefits, or people willing to support me whilst i pursue my dream or the luxury of other support. I think this is the same for most of us. So what do i do, what do you do?

Now it might be an idea to tell you a bit about each opportunity. The first is in a caring profession, which is not the field I have been in. If you remember I did tell you I was a bit of tech geek. They require a full time nine to five coordinator. This means regular money and as I end each day, the jobs stays in the office. The second is in a school dealing with student pastoral issues. This is not confirmed but a possibility, but from what i gather, very demanding, mentally and emotionally and nothing to do with tech. The last is a trainer within my field on a contract basis. Pay is good but the job may be intermittent and require travelling around and away from my base.

At first the third option seemed the best,but the until i find out more i don’t know, because I may have to commit a lot of time to development of training materials, under their copyright, that i will have no time for me and my dreams, as is often the case with big corporate bodies. So what might seem like a good deal ends up being a dream killer.

The reason however i am telling you about this is because it reminded me of one of the clerks in a prominent office i used to work in. I always used to watch him with great admiration and respect. He demonstrated the dignity of work your rarely see these days. To some people he was just the office clerk, but to me and i also suspect to himself he valued the work he did. You could tell that from the way he worked and the way he carried himself. He wasn’t pompous but walked in a humble, simple yet confident way, as if to say what i do i do well. He turned up to the office before time or on time. He carried out his work efficiently and effectively. He treated everyone as his client and in so doing did his work to a high standard. He acknowledged and took the time to greet everyone. Even though he was probably older than most people in the office and earned the least, he did not look or project any impression of feeling belittled in any way.

I believe this was because he had a vision for himself. He knew why it was important for him to turn up every day and do his best. His vision was i believe to make a better life for his children . I must say, when i eventually met them, i could see he was fulfilling part of his vision and probably others i did not even have an inkling about.

What i am trying to say is so long as the vision is still a focus in the decisions you make, it doesn’t matter which job or opportunity you take, so long as it still gives room for you to pursue your dream. You see it every day with would be actors, who in the process to stardom, have to be waiters, night nurses, shelf fillers, morgue attendants and a whole array of jobs. They did not loose sight of the vision, or themselves, even though they had to take a brief bend in the road.

Be Amazing
Be Amazing

So i think in directly i have the answer to my own question. I will take the bend that will not be a detour but a bend, it will allow me to pursue my dreams in spite of itself. I will let you know in another post which one it is.
Hey a note to self and all of us, when you see people who are in menial or casual jobs but execute it like it was there own business, then appreciate them for their effort. Appreciate who they might be on the road to becoming. Because you never know, life and God, they have a sense of humour, one day, irrespective of where you are now, or what you are doing now or what age you may be, it could be you in that position, on a brief bend in your road to success.

Have a good day.

Bip xoxo



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