Fail to Succeed

Lesson 1. Start on time
Lesson 1. Start on time


I zonked out yesterday after having a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister in law and their two beautiful kids. I had spend all day working at their house. The kids came in and we had dinner. My sister in law must have seen I was tired so suggested I stay the night. I briefly resisted but soon realized I was totally exhausted. My head hit the pillow and the rest is history.

You might be wondering what has this got to do with anything. Well I spent all day yesterday trying to complete week 3 of the Quick Start Challenge (QSC) and I have learnt a lot from yesterday. I sat intent for over five hours trying to get things done. I am not a dim person, but no matter how much i tried harder I just couldn’t get my head around it nor could I pass the point I got stuck on. I tried and tried because I really really wanted to win the challenge. Which I will do, but just not today.

Bottom line is I started late.

Lesson 1. Start on time
Lesson 1. Start on time

I also tried to do everything at once.

Lesson 2. Plan and schedule tasks
Lesson 2. Plan and schedule tasks

There is a reason Dean gives us about five days. It helps to actually get familiar with a new system and understand it, so that you can use it properly. I have to admit I did not spend the time. So today I am going to sit back down, understand the system better and apply it successfully.

Lesson 3. Do not rush
Lesson 3. Do not rush. Take the time to do it properly.

There was a point that my mind just glazed over, because it was tired and I was tired. I know we are meant to persevere, which I did, but you must understand that there is a point you reach that no matter how hard you push, its time to pause and re-assess before you start pushing on again.

Lesson 4. Pause, assess and continue
Lesson 4. Pause, assess and continue

Well, though, I have not completed this challenge yet, I will. The journey in itself is already making me a better person. I see there are many lessons for me to learn. My dad was right. You are never too old to learn.

Keep looking out for my post once i have completed week 3 challenge. Yikes week 4 is also upon us. No problem it all good.

Bye for now.

BIP.  xoxo.



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