It’s All About The Mind

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It's all about the mind

Good Morning.

This is BIP.

It’s 5 am in the morning and i have just completed my morning devotional. I was about to start listening to my motivational video when i had to stop and just smile the biggest smile into the darkness of my room. The devotional told a story about the stark truth of an SAS soldier who despite all the obstacles and pain he faced managed to do amazing things in amazing ways in amazing places. His truth brought the truth of my current situation into sharp focus.

Here i am alone, no money and i mean no money, as in minus minus as the debts are just stacked there waiting for me and yet i am at peace and very happy. I am not happy about the debt, please do not misunderstand me but i am happy that thou things appear bad, my relationship is at an all time low, all the people who i should be able to go to for help are not able to or just don’t want to or would help but there are strings attached which i just don’t think it would be good to commit to. I have moved away from home to this one room haven. I am doing jobs that are back breaking and soul destroying, if my perspective was limited to the here and now, to ensure i deliver on current obligations like contributing to some of the financial needs of a child in university, paying off part of the debt, paying a skeleton staff and basic living. I have spent a lot of time and money helping to sort out a family situation that has meant a lot of funds have been spent on lawyers and a lot of time has been spent in courts, distracting from other aspects of my life.

In addition, I applied to a good university to better my training to improve my earning potential, I was accepted with conditions. I traveled around with limited funds to achieve most of there requirements, only for them to tell me come back next year as I could not find two school leaving certificates for English and Math that I had done donkey’s years ago.

At the desk I looked at the young girl as she told me I could not enroll, she had no clue of what I had gone through to be here, but as I looked at her, a similar smile to the one I mentioned at the start of this post appeared and I thought this simply means I have other things to do this year.

I thought about my business, I thought about the Quick Start Challenge, I thought about BIP and the reason for this journal. I want to be empowered to empower. I believe I will do it, no matter the obstacles I face. So no matter how slow I am compared to others in the QSC group, no matter now many odd jobs I have to do to keep going for now, whilst I am on the way to collecting my jackpot, I am doing something I love doing. I am doing something to change my life. I am taking action. I am doing something that will not only make a difference to me but to those around me.

That’s why I am smiling and I can keep on going. I hope you too, no matter how bad it gets can find that thing that you enjoy doing and a reason to keep doing it, even when things might look bleak.

I did my dream board last week and I published it last week, though not on the forum. The dream board, the things Dean mentioned in the first and second week, the taking action to work through them are all proving to be very instrumental in moving me to a mindset and a place of success.

Thank you  Dean and thank you QSC FB forum.


BIP xoxo




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