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BIP's Vision Board
BIP's Vision Board
Hey all
I have done it . I finished the first version of my dream board. The process was very helpful in bringing into focus things I really want to achieve. It also helped me look at my aspirations in a more holistic way. At the center lies my faith, around which I have many life aspirations, not reduced in any way. As I look at this mash-up of different dreams I am inclined to start figuring out which ones go first or perhaps as I begin to move towards one or two the others will move towards fulfillment too.

I might have mentioned that I tend towards being a techie geek so I produced my dream board using Hays Dream Board app.

Hay's Vision Board App
Hay’s Vision Board App
It is a neat app. I was able to produce an image of my board which I could save as my lock screen wall paper, so that I can see it every time I pick up my phone. I am also going to print it and put it on a wall or door where i can be reminded daily of my dreams so that i can action another step to make them real.

See if you can decipher my dreams!

BIP's Vision Board
BIP’s Vision Board

Happy dream board building!

Bip xoxo



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