How To Prepare Your Mind To Succeed

Morning motivation for your success.
Morning motivation for your success.

If you followed my last post , I mentioned I had put myself in training and that one of the trainings i was doing was the “Quick Start Challenge”. In the first week of that training Dean mentioned  that success starts within. If you believe you can you can, if you don’t you wont. I stumbled upon a morning motivation that i really like and it helps me to tap into patterns that will keep me moving in the right direction. I have started to listen to it every morning as one part of my morning routine. Its almost like putting on armour or giving yourself an inoculation against inevitable germs. Once it is in place, it doesn’t stop you from encountering “germs” like obstacles, nay sayers, bad thoughts or such like, but it does equip you to keep going till you pass the obstacle, ignore the nay sayers, dismiss the bad thoughts and believe in yourself and keep taking action.

I don’t know if this will help you but watch it anyway. You never know what it might add to your day.

Have an extraordinarily great day.

BIP xoxo



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