Smiling When I Should be Crying!

This should officially be the worst day of my days in business. Not only am I in extreme pain in the leg area due to what appears to be a trapped nerve., but I have received the dreaded call that most of us never want to receive from my key investor. He has been the most supportive but due to the lack of return on his investment, he is wisely questioning why he is an investor and whether he should continue.

Some of you may remember I said this should officially be my worst day. But you know what? I am smiling. Even i have to frown at myself as I write this. Yes, i am smiling and I don’t feel down. I am sure you are thinking that the screw has finally come loose. That I have lost the plot or worse. Well to you all thinking this,  all you readers, numbering 1,, I have not lost the plot. If you have been following you might remember the day I did not have bus fare and there was no one to call and I walked, to my surprise, 5 miles. Well since then I believe I can do anything. So maybe this is the anything I have got to do.

Indeed I am smiling in the face of it all. It is time to pull up my shirt sleeves, dust off the cobwebs and figure out what to do and how to save my business and my investor.

The Nurofen is kicking in, Yep the pain was so excruciating I had to take two, and I am getting drowsy. As I begin to slip into much-needed sleep I am thinking hard about how I can make the billion. I feel i need that billion to change the lives and circumstances of those around me. I want to get that billion doing what I love, I just have to find the right idea, create a strategy and stick with it.  It is my time despite the writing on the wall.

I am sleepy. Good night.





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