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Bip loves Prada


I don’t know if I have ever mentioned to you, that I am a real bonafide tech geek. I am also as you know an aspiring billionaire entrepreneur. The way I present myself on a daily basis is important. It says a lot about me and my business to my clients, investors, and team. The natural geeky me would like nothing better than to lounge in a t-shirt and jeans ensemble. However, my business self-knows that won’t do. I know that many of the successful Silicon Valley CEOs appear in dress-down mode. What you have to remember in those cases is that they have already made their names and everybody knows them. They don’t need to impress anybody. I, however, do, until I reach a similar status.

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BIP Geek Couture

I was discussing this issue with K, a friend of mine and she had a great time laughing at my fashion sense, or lack of it. I will be working with her over the next few weeks to bring some tips on how to string together a few on-trend looks for a person who is techy, doesn’t like too much fuss but wants to be well put together and turn heads. I figure if you are not turning heads then whats the point? Are you in for a penny in for a pound? If you are, join me on this interesting journey.






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