Millionaire Work Ethic

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Millionaire Work Ethic

Now I was really striving this evening towards a millionaire work ethic and every time I set to work, someone would call to get an update on a family issue. Trying to have a millionaire work ethic is not easy at all, in between looking after aging parents, giving updates to family members and trying to get things done, I had missed a whole day of doing tasks because I had to attend to critical family issues. Hmmm, I still want to be a millionaire, I really do.

In fact, I am more about wanting to be a billionaire, after all, why not reach for the stars, but life happens.  In those moments I wonder if I am cut out for this life of entrepreneurship and yet in the same split second of thinking this, I also think how ideal being my own boss is when I can take my precious time and use it for those who are worth more than a million to me. Yeah, I may be behind on my targets for the day, and tomorrow with a little extra effort I hope to catch up. However, with family and parents, in particular, missing some moments may mean you can never catch up with them again.

I think I like my version of the millionaire work ethic for today.

Have a great night.





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