Suffragette Inspiration

Suffragette Inspiration
Suffragette Inspiration

In the last elections in Nigerian in 2015, it seemed as if fewer women stood as candidates at General, State and  House of Assembly elections. The analysis Women Participation in the 2015 General Elections seems to support this view. For a country like Nigeria with approximately 180 million people, one might expect more women to participate. If however, it is true that fewer women are getting involved then this speaks volumes. If you add to this the fact that  Nigeria’s first woman presidential candidate only appeared in 2015, yet the first woman president in the world –  Sirivamo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka – was elected as Premier Minister in 1960 (source:, this seems quite astounding. Moreso,  over the last half a century, 70 countries have had a female leader. (source: Pew Research). Amazing.

The good thing, however, is that women can vote. Their votes matter. Remember the women in the Northern States of Nigeria, under threat from Boko Haram attacks. Yet, in spite of this they bravely came out, despite the threats to their lives and dignity, to cast their vote for their candidate in the 2015 elections.

Recently I had cause to appreciate this ability to vote, particularly as a woman, when I became more informed about what the Suffragettes had gone through to get women the vote. The right for women to vote in Nigeria began in stages in the 1950’s in the Southern Regions of Nigeria whilst women in Northern Nigeria did not get this right until 1976. (source :The Women Suffrage Timeline, )

Source:Encyclopaedia Britannica 

Nowadays we take this right for granted, but when you see what the Suffragettes went through to get us the vote, we might appreciate it more and be inspired to strive to achieve our dreams.

Watch and learn.

Source : Miss REVOLutionaries

I hope you are inspired.



source: The Women Suffrage Timeline,



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