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To open our week of inspiration I will introduce you to a podcast that I got from Starta which is a platform created by Dotun Olowoporo, with “a vision to supporting entrepreneurs in Africa” ( Starta provides, in their own words, “content, tools, and opportunities to launch, manage and scale a business startup”. They have events and you can subscribe to their newsletter on their site.

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Africa

During my, “I don’t think business is for me time”, one of their emails popped into my box. The email subject was “she jumped into the deep-end [podcast]”. I thought to myself, well I am already in the deep end treading water, this might be interesting to hear. So, I clicked the link and listened. I was impressed and inspired as I heard about Demi’s journey from Uni to selling Chesterfields to hosting British royalty to producing furniture in Nigeria. Demi Owoseje is the “founder of Majeurs Chesterfield, a furniture company that specialises in “pre-loved” leather and fabric furniture” ( Demi is a lot younger than me but we have a similar background and accent, but more than that she is a woman in business who has successfully moved from London to Nigeria. She is succeeding and there is a lot to learn from that.

Listen, learn and be inspired.

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