A Week Of Inspiration

Inspiration Week
Inspiration Week

Business can have a lot of ups and downs. Times when you think everything is going great and you might actually make it. Other times when you are down in the dumps, things are just not working and you are on your last naira, pound or dollar. At that point, you believe that you are not cut out to achieve your dream, your goal or get your business to where you want it to be.

I have been there. Boy, I sometimes feel like I am riding a roller coaster with the extremes that running my business can give me. I exhilarated at some points and totally deflated at others.

Inspiration week
Inspiration week

Recently I have gone through such a time. I really thought it was time to pack up and accept that my dream to create a successful tech company was indeed a pipe dream. I remembered Einsteins saying, something akin to you cannot expect to get different results if you keep doing things the same way. I wondered whether this meant that perhaps I should go back to being employed, as business was not proving to be life-sustaining, much less profitable and I had responsibilities.


Did I quit? Honestly, almost. Its tough to always be last on the food chain. Everybody else gets paid, by me, no less and I get whatever is or is not left. I was really tired of this. I almost quit but suddenly, God, or that higher being, started sending me inspirational examples of women who had gone through many trials in getting where they aspired but had pushed past that point to success. I was yeah right. That is for them and not me. However everywhere I turned more examples would pop up, as if they were trying to tell me, don’t give up. You’re almost there.

It wasn’t instantaneous but gradually I began to turn, oh so slowly, but turn or return to pursuing my business vision again. I realised however that things needed to change so, I have started to reevaluate, get a mentor and many other things that I will update you on in my next series.

Getting back to the point, there are times when you are hitting the bottom and a little inspiration can help you past that point, even if it means changing things, scaling down, asking for help. So this week I am going to showcase the inspirational things I saw during that period that turned or returned me to pushing on towards my goal and dream.

Hope you enjoy it. Be inspired to survive and thrive.





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