Which Way is the Right Way?

Have you ever sat down and planned out what you wanted to do. You see it so clearly and the plan appeared to be good. You start on the journey and you give it your all. You slog day and night driving towards the vision, trying to work according to the plan. Its hard work, long hours, slow progress and very little reward. You keep at it because you believe in what you are doing and where your vision will take you, but it is slow, oh so slow. Doubts begin to creep in. Is this really gonna work? Am i on the right track? Is this the right way? Have you been to this place? I have ? I am there right now?

It is a place that can paralyze you and stop you in your tracks. You could be stuck there wondering which way to go? Which is the right way? Which is the way at all? Do i give in or do i go on? Its tough being at this junction, oh so very tough. The trick i believe at this point is not to stall, or stay paralyzed. Not not to do that at all.

Breath, exhale, review and decide. Then take a step. One step at a time, keep going till you have done it all. It may be right, it may not, but the trick is to keep moving and not stall. Some how it will get you where you need  to get to, if you keep giving your all. Ask for help, review, even change direction, just don’t stall.

I have taken a new step,  i will take another one too and i will keep going to this journeys end, where ever that might be, expected or not.

BIP xoxo.



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