A tether to a sinking ship? Morning Thoughts in 2017

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Tether to a Sinking Ship


Be the Change I Desire
Be the change i desire. Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

I awoke to the sound of a ringing phone. On the end of the phone was a concerned relative, wondering whether I was wasting my life away. Indeed things seem to be getting worse before they are getting better. I jumped into a business opportunity to build a dream I have. Its taken all my time, all my finances, all my energy and is at times draining. If you are looking from the outside in or even if you are looking from inside in it might seem that I have a tether to a sinking ship.

Back to the phone call, I heard them out, their worries and concerns and I put the phone down. I slipped back into sleep to await my early normal awakening call. I got up and began to prepare for the day. Conversed briefly with family and continued. My routine was broken by a factor in my day not doing what they should simply because some of the goal posts had been moved. Their actions were deliberate and designed to make me note that they were not pleased and to impact my day in a negative way. They did. I reacted. Sitting down afterwards, the realization came to me that I am assuming this person understands what I do, thinks like I think, wants what I want. They don’t. So get over it. If they are in the way move them out of the way or go around them. They are just a distraction to derail me from heading to my goal. However they made me stop and look at a situation I had allowed to persist and not change it so that it worked better for me. Then I asked myself what needs to happen. I came to the conclusion, just as my early morning caller was trying to say, that I need to change things. More importantly I need to change me, this better said in the Gandhi’s 10 Rules for Changing The World by Henrik Edberg. I need to be the change I desire for the desire I have, not for the desire others have for me. I need to stay focused, keep moving towards the goal. Change what needs to be changed without fear nor favor.

I can hear your mind churning trying to connect the dots, wondering how does this connect with my tether to a sinking ship. Well its all a matter of perspective. Indeed there is a lot that is just not happening. Too many burdens. So let me apply the lesson I learned in my home this morning. I need to not get distracted but look at the business from every perspective. I need to look at what I was doing. Anything I am doing that is not working, change it. People not adding, remove them. Stay focused and keep the business focused. If that means changing other things to keep going then I will change them without fear or favor. The tether between me and what is set to fail or sink must be broken. My ship is set to sail to the horizon and back. All because of a little morning disruption that made me stop and think.

We never stop learning. Have a great day.





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