I am possible

Today the Light House Hub had it’s first event. The turn out to say the least was a tad disappointing. i felt deflated by the end. During the session which was run on the theme “Awaken The Lion Within”, one of the things we discussed was the word impossible. I had drawn the attention of  those present to the fact that what they should in fact see is the i’m possible.


Anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Well in my deflated state these words rang back in my ears. I could almost laugh at myself. Wasn’t i the one that said nothing is impossible? Wasn’t i the one spouting quotes about if it  is hard… Well yes to all the previous. So why on earth was i whining? I realised that i was doing a “do as i say not as i do moment”. I   had to simply quit wallowing in self pity. I needed to reassess what had gone right and what had gone wrong. Well i recognized that   though the day had not gone exactly as planned there were indeed some successes in the process. One such success was the fact that my team had joined hands to set up a part of the hub within one night on a  next to nothing budget.  So what had gone wrong?  i had to  understood this so that i could then change these things and try again.  Oh and not just once but try again and again until i  get it right.

So i have brushed away self pity and reminded myself nothing worth having comes easy. Success requires work, strategy, understanding, planning and the ability never to give up.

I now have a new strategy. Wish me luck.

Bye for now.

Bip xoxo




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