Persue Your Vision Till It Is Done

Vision needs actions

This week has not been the easiest and when Friday rolled in I was ready to have some rest relaxation and fun. The plan had been hatched some days before. I was headed to a new  golf resort on the outskirts of Lagos. Nominated driver, me. I love driving, especially at weekends. It was to be a leisurely outing with a friend her beautiful daughter aimed at unwinding. Little did I know I was also  set to learn alot. Off we went.
We made a brief stop at my office to share the vision of my new project. Another stop at the new Shoprite at Osapa on the Lekki expressway to pick up refreshments and simply to check it out. Nice. Someone who saw beyond the obvious. Between Google maps – Lakowe (Yep! Google maps works in Nigeria) and stopping people to ask, we finally got to Lakowe Golf Resort in Lakowe.

Lakowe Golf Resort
Lakowe Golf Resort

We were shown around the course and the property available for purchase. The course is set on 300 hectares or more of land that has been carved into an amazing manicured 18 hole golf course with  beautifully lakes or lagoons. But do you know what tripped me the most was that the person who had dreamed up the idea and carried it through, was said to have done so because he was trying to learn golf. True or not he did something amazing where most people would have seen sand and land he saw a world class golf resort. I can only imagine what people would have said to him. In spite of nay sayers he continued. Wow!. How inspiring. You have to believe in your vision. They built  bungalows on the resort and others with vision  bought off plan to buy into the dream.
I suppose this adventure was meant to happen. Why? To keep me on track of my dream. To encourage me. To remind me that as i push towards my vision, yes i may meet nay sayers but i will also meet those who support and buy into my idea.
We decided not to let the day end there and continue the adventure. We went to the beautiful beach resort in Lekki Village, La Campagne Tropiciana, another 40 – 50 km drive passing the free zone. Again another inspired development. A bit of a strain on the pocket but nonetheless a good representation of someone’s ability to see beyond the obvious and do it.

La Campagne Tropicana
La Campagne Tropicana

As Sunday beings to ebb away and thoughts of Monday begin to intrude into the evening I am armed with the memories of Shoprite, Lakowe and La Campaigne Tropicana, visions and dreams of people who saw beyond the country, land, sand and negatives and saw a future. My weekend adventure has taught me to push on towards my dream and ACT! And keep on doing it till I have done it.

Hope this inspires you too. Have a good week.
BIP  xoxo



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