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Hello everyone. It’s friday and i am on top of the world. Has it been an easy week? Not at all. Has the money all flowed in? Not yet, but i am sure it is going to come. So why am i so happy? Simple. I like what i do and relish each challenge. I see my vision forming and i see people beginning to tap into it. That’s not to say i dont see those who give me a look that says – Are you all there? I am.

Anyway today i just wanted to provide you with some reading material that will encourage women entrepreneurs to either step out into it, if they are hesitating on the threshold or encourage to continue towards their goal if they have started their fledgling enterprise like me. Check out this article entitled “Why Women are defining Successful Entrepreneurship“. It is an old article but the sentiments are ones that Women will never get old of hearing. Thank you @MichaKaufman, i enjoyed it.

So as a Nigerian women in business, on my way to a billion of course, which women stand out. Well when i was first considering my venture into business i read Ibukun Awosika’s book “The Girl Entrepreneurs”.

The “Girl” Entrepreneurs

I found this book not only inspiring but relevant, as this was a Nigerian woman doing business in Nigeria, facing the same challenges i would be and becoming successful at it. I would recommend for any female who wants to run a business in Nigeria, to use this as a starting point. I saw Ms Awosika at the last Wimbiz event she was talking about being the First Female Chairperson of First Bank of Nigeria – an achievement indeed.

Ibukun Awosika
Ibukun Awosika

Prior to that you may know her from the The Sokoa Chair Centre. No matter which she is a successful professional Nigerian Business women who i will duff my hat to . Well done and keep on keeping on.

Also last year 2015 Access Bank Nigeria setup awards for women in various categories check out these inspiring women at theawards.com.

Hmm i still have a long way to go. But go i will.

Enjoy your friday.

BIP xoxo



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