I can see it, I will achieve it

See it. Achieve it.

Today I began that project I mentioned to you last week. I had kind of stalled when the funds did not appear. Still no funds people but I have decided to push on anyway. I was inspired today and I am sure my staff thought I was going gagaaa.

Do you know that feeling when you see your vision so clearly you could almost touch it. That’s how I felt today. Money or not I am going to take a step at a time towards my goal. I even went as far as setting a launch date of 1st March 2016. My assistant on hearing it gave me a look that said “are you mad? That’s impossible.” I am not and all things are possible…

Today we brought down the partitions and are set to revamp the windows over the next couple of days.

Keep me in your prayers. I am going to need them, but I am inspired to achieve it as I can clearly see it.

Laughingly yours.

BIP xoxo



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