Dont be held to Ransom by staff?

On the whole I find have good staff who understand me in part and work towards helping me realise my vision. However these same people, as is human, are prone to off days just as I am. The magnitude, in a negative way to some people’s off days can be greater than others.
Therefore my policy is if you are not well go home or in the first instance stay at home. Come to work well. I do this because I know when I am not well or off colour I become useless to everyone and it brings the day down for all. If you are at work make sure you are fit to work.
Yesterday a member of staff arrived late, barely acknowledged me and muttered what might have been a half hearted apology. Immediately I sensed trouble. Truth to tell there had been tell tale signs in the previous days that something was looming. So this was not totally unexpected. The person was not only late but as the day progressed it became abundantly clear they were unpreparedfor meetings that day and the work entrusted to them had not be done well, in fact had not been done. The attitude remained negative and was telling on everyone, as we run a small team in close quarters, so I decided to take action.

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I called the staff member to ask what was wrong why the attitude. It gave me the opportunity to provide a listening ear. They declined to talk so in that case I made it clear that if you are sick go home but otherwise such behaviour would not be tolerated. The employee home was sent home. This one act saved the day. It removed tension and negativity. This reestablished the order and ambiance in he office and the rest of the day was productive.
What I have learnt from such days, no this was by no means my first, is
that everyone will have an off day, so I have to be patient. Sometimes, like yesterday, that takes extras grace. Kudos to you my ex bosses, I now understand the strength you demonstrated in the face of me as an employee.
Always have a backup plan. Be prepared to do what you employed that person to do at any time. Yesterday we had a training session booked. The material, bookings, updates etc were suppose to have been done and checked. It was not. I had to either cancel or find a way. I found a way. I believe that’s what a leader must do.
Always be calm and cheerful. This took me years to learn. You will find some staff have a special gift in trying to wind you up when they are out of sorts and others just do it because they can. Do not succumb to anger or abuse but use them to build patience and positivity in your character in the face of their disruption and negativity. Laugh, if not that smile in the face of adversity.
Take back control quickly and establish order. Disruptive employees – don’t get me wrong, I do realise that at some point in all our lives we may all have been one – directly or indirectly, are seeking attention for that moment, day, week, month or year. This attention seeking will disrupt others so remove them from the mix to restablsih order so your work and business does not suffer.
Be careful how you go about handling the situation as other staff are watching.
All in all it ended well.
Enjoy your day.

BIP x.



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