I Will Succeed Cos I’m…

I Will Succeed Cos I’m Crazy Enough to believe I can this is a revelation I had this morning


I was half in sleep and half listening to a T D Jakes sermon when I was reminded about “Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?” and also “faith without works is dead also.” Now I have read these verses many times. In my arrogance I thought I had been backing up my faith with works. WRONG!!! Today on hearing the sermon and I was listening to many in half sleep mode. DSTV has some good uses. I had an eureka moment. I realised my faith had not been backed up with works with conviction. You don’t just say I am well, you get up and be well. You don’t just say the money is here, you go grab it, which means actively seeking it and taking it. You don’t just say you are rich you act it, in your walk your talk your everything. Wow!!! Yeah I had tried but most times I was kind of waiting for it to manifest or come to me. Also I was not consistent in acting out my faith in all aspects of life not just the religious. This is the key to moving from mediocre to exceptional. Faith must be acted in all levels of my life. It is so much more than I am currently doing. If I believe then I need to act it. If it is mine what am I waiting for, I should take it with both hands not wait for it to come to me.
Strangely enough most successful business people, religious or not, from what I see have this x-factor built in or developed in them where their business is concerned.. They have that innate faith factor to believe in what they conceive, to believe they will succeed and to believe in themselves. I want this not just in business but in all aspects of my life.
It begins today. Today I am successful and this will be made perfect through the things I will do today and everyday going forward.
Have a great day.
I will!!!
Bip xoxo



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