Welcome to my BIP Corner

Welcome to my BIP Corner. It is not for the faint hearted. I have recently stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. I am a woman, not young, based in Nigeria, involved in a highly male industry and I am in the progress of becoming a billionaire.

So what makes me different? Good question. I am a Christian trying to do business in an honest ethical way in a society where things are skewed and it is often easier to move forward doing things the wrong way than the right. I want to be an ethical woman and an ethical entrepreneur. This going to need a lot of pray and faith to add to the usual traits of successful business people.

Just to reassure you, i am not one card short of a full deck. I simply know to get where i am going i must aim high and believe the impossible to possible. I was once told if you aim for the moon if you fall short you may instead hit the stars. Always aim high.

This corner is where I will be telling you about the good, the bad and the ugly things about my journey. I hope by writing here it will give me a way of getting it out of my system, help me think clearly to see solutions, seek your support, encourage me to persevere, perhaps get some better advise from some of you and maybe even help some of you who find yourself in a similar situation.

Please join me on this my journey.



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